100 câu trắc nghiệm giới từ trong tiếng Anh (Có đáp án)

100 câu trắc nghiệm giới từ trong tiếng Anh được BNOK.VN sưu tầm và tổng hợp có đáp án đi kèm là tài liệu tham khảo hữu ích dành cho các bạn học sinh. Bộ tài liệu này sẽ giúp các bạn làm tốt hơn các bài tập về giới từ trong tiếng Anh đồng thời là tài liệu tham khảo để các bạn chuẩn bị cho kỳ thi THPT quốc gia 2018.

Bài tập về giới từ at, in, on trong Tiếng Anh

Bài tập về giới từ trong Tiếng Anh

Bạn đang xem: 100 câu trắc nghiệm giới từ trong tiếng Anh (Có đáp án)

100 câu trắc nghiệm giới từ trong tiếng Anh

1.) Elizabeth is fond ………. going to dances.

a.) in b.) of c.) with d.) at

2.) That is last year’s telephone directory. It’s ………. date now.

a.) into b.) out of c.) besides d.) out

3.) He was put ………. prison.

a.) to b.) from c.) into d.) at

4.) We rejoice ………. her success.

a.) in b.) at c.) over d.) all are correct

5.) I saw him ………. noon.

a.) for b.) with c.) against d.) at

6.) She treated me ………. Cake, ice-cream and tea.

a.) with b.) for c.) to d.) by

7.) The picture is ………. the wall

a.) above b.) at c.) over d.) on

8.) She likes to go ………. a picnic.

a.) for b.) on c.) for and on are correct d.) by

9.) William is ………. meanness.

a.) against b.) above c.) towards d.) according to

10.) I work hard ………. help my family.

a.) so as to b.) in order to c.) in order that d.) a and b

11.) She burst ………. tears.

a.) out of b.) into c.) for d.) in

12.) ………. mistake, I took the wrong book from my desk this morning.

a.) Through b.) By c.) With d.) In

13.) They chose him ………. their leader.

a.) with b.) for c.) by d.) into

14.) I want you to arrange these ………. order by putting the largest first then the next, and so on…

a.) on b.) out of c.) in d.) from

15.) She smiled ………. him.

a.) at b.) with c.) to d.) about

16.) Your work is ………. the average.

a.) under b.) beneath c.) down d.) below

17.) I shall be ready ………. a moment.

a.) for b.) in c.) with d.) on

18.) Aren’t you glad that you went to the party with us ………. all?

a.) in b.) after c.) above d.) with

19.) We can’t get everything we want from life; we must just make the best ………. it.

a.) with b.) of c.) for d.) by

20.) Go and get me a carton ………. cigarettes.

a.) with b.) of c.) out of d.) no

21.) He is negligent ………. his duties.

a.) with b.) to c.) for d.) of

22.) Long skirts are ………. again.

a.) for b.) in c.) into d.) through

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23.) The car went ………. full speed.

a.) with b.) for c.) to d.) at

24.) He was ………. himself with rage.

a.) against b.) for c.) beside d.) with

25.) Gas is made ………. coal.

a.) of b.) from c.) with d.) to

26.) He suffers ………. headaches.

a.) from b.) with c.) in d.) by

27.) Who ………. Richard would have said such a thing?

a.) but b.) by c.) with d.) in addition of

28.) He was ………. himself with joy.

a.) to b.) beside c.) in d.) of

29.) His ideas are all ………. the times.

a.) like b.) behind c.) but d.) except

30.) I shall wait ………. you.

a.) about b.) by c.) to d.) for

31.) What do you think ………. this sonata of Beethoven?

a.) of b.) to c.) with d.) from

32.) If you earn a good salary, you can be independent ………. your parents.

a.) for b.) to c.) of d.) by

33.) Ottawa is ………. Canada.

a.) with b.) on c.) to d.) in

34.) A bird ………. the hand is worth two ………. the bush.

a.) on – on b.) on – in c.) in – in d.) in – on

35.) There are many others ………. me who disagree on what you say.

a.) with b.) besides c.) to d.) as

36.) When were you released ………. prison?

a.) at b.) into c.) from d.) out of

37.) Who is not for me is ………. me.

a.) towards b.) against c.) with d.) along

38.) There’s nothing ………. exercises for making you warm.

a.) like b.) in c.) for d.) about

39.) I have not done my exercise ………. now.

a.) till b.) since c.) for d.) at

40.) These facts may be familiar ………. you.

a.) with b.) about c.) to d.) into

41.) ………. the most part, his explanations are quite easy to understand.

a.) For b.) Through c.) With d.) Toward

42.) He put the book ………. the take and sat down ………. a chair.

a.) on – in b.) on – with c.) on – on d.) on – into

43.) He walked ………. the room ………. which we were sitting.

a.) in – in b.) in – for c.) into – in d.) into – from

44.) The doctor cured me ………. my illness.

a.) for b.) of c.) with d.) at

45.) What do you know ………. him?

a.) to b.) about c.) with d.) for

46.) ………. all my care, it was broken.

a.) Before b.) After c.) To d.) With

47.) Life is just one trouble ………. another.

a.) to b.) for c.) after d.) against

48.) Did Mr. Kennedy park his car ………. front ………. our house?

a.) at – of b.) in – to c.) with – to d.) in – of

49.) Did they ask ………. me?

a.) at b.) to c.) before d.) after

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50.) An accident has happened ………. that family.

a.) to b.) with c.) against d.) for

51.) It looks better ………. a distance.

a.) to b.) for c.) at d.) but

52.) She was engaged ………. him for ten months before they got married.

a.) to b.) with c.) for d.) by

53.) What did Mr. Brown die ……….?

a.) with b.) by c.) in d.) of

54.) She took me ………. my brother.

a.) by b.) for c.) to d.) with

55.) It is ………. three o’clock; it is nearly a quarter past three.

a.) about b.) at c.) past d.) around

56.) She gave some advice ………. her brother.

a.) to b.) for c.) with d.) all are correct

57.) He was brought ………. the judge.

a.) to b.) with c.) before d.) for

58.) The government must care ………. the families of invalid soldiers.

a.) about b.) for c.) to d.) at

59.) They like to sit ………. the fire.

a.) by b.) on c.) for d.) with

60.) I cannot do it ………. you.

a.) as b.) like c.) by d.) through

61.) ………. one enemy he has 50 friends.

a.) With b.) To c.) For d.) Through

62.) Mary married a wealthy man. She got married ………. him last June.

a.) by b.) for c.) about d.) to

63.) There were ………. 100 people at the meeting.

a.) up b.) on c.) upon d.) above

64.) William is big ………. his age.

a.) with b.) for c.) by d.) through

65.) The god jumped ………. the table.

a.) through b.) over c.) out of d.) past

66.) He didn’t dare to say it ………. my face.

a.) on b.) with c.) in d.) to

67.) ………. general, that is true. However, there are many exceptions.

a.) On b.) In c.) By d.) Through

68.) Can you recommend me a good book ………. life in the sixteenth century?

a.) of b.) about c.) in d.) from

69.) He is a friend ………. mine.

a.) with b.) in c.) of d.) to

70.) He is a man ………. action.

a.) of b.) with c.) for d.) about

71.) The dog ran ………. the house.

a.) into b.) in c.) for d.) across

72.) She was offended ………. my remark at the meeting yesterday.

a.) at b.) by c.) with d.) at and by are correct

73.) That car costs ………. $2,000.

a.) for b.) above c.) at d.) all are correct

74.) He is looking ………. his glasses.

a.) after b.) for c.) into d.) by

75.) He read that ………. a book.

a.) at b.) from c.) to d.) in

76.) Someone left a box in the garden and I fell ………. it in the dark.

a.) into b.) by c.) off d.) over

77.) Let’s drink ………. his success.

a.) in b.) to c.) into d.) for

78.) Shut the door ………. you.

a.) for b.) after c.) with d.) into

79.) He turned his back ………. her.

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a.) beside b.) next to c.) by d.) on

80.) He is a man ………. his forties.

a.) on b.) about c.) to d.) in

81.) He is ………. royal blood.

a.) for b.) in c.) of d.) with

82.) I don’t think that I’m acquainted ………. him

a.) with b.) to c.) by d.) for

83.) Professor Moore called my attention ………. that particular mistake.

a.) about b.) with c.) by d.) to

84.) Share these sweets ………. the five children and see that each one gets a fair share

a.) to b.) between c.) for d.) among

85.) I’ll try to pay you the money the week ………. next.

a.) before b.) for c.) after d.) no preposition needed

86.) Bien Hoa is secured ………. floods.

a.) by b.) to c.) from d.) for

87.) She saw a butterfly ………. the window.

a.) across b.) in c.) into d) through

88.) They live ………. rice.

a.) with b.) on c.) by d.) for

89.) Stand ………. front of me you will see better; there will be nothing ………. the way of your view.

a.) at – in b.) in – of c.) in – in d.) in – at

90.) He aimed ………. the tiger.

a.) for b.) at c.) with d.) to

91.) In boxing it is a foul to hit ………. the belt.

a.) above b.) over c.) below d.) down

92.) You must settle the matter ………. yourselves.

a.) with b.) in c.) into d.) among

93.) He spoke ………. a whisper.

a.) in b.) into c.) like d.) with

94.) He was ill ………. fever.

a.) to b.) in c.) with d.) for

95.) I came on Monday at ten o’clock ………. the morning.

a.) from b.) in c.) at d.) for

96.) I took him ………. the hand.

a.) with b.) at c.) by d.) to

97.) He made himself pleasant ………. visitors.

a.) with b.) by c.) to d.) for

98.) He stayed home ………. the rain.

a.) because b.) because of c.) for d.) against

99.) I really respect that man ………. his honesty.

a.) by b.) about c.) with d.) for

100.) There is not much correspondence ………. his ideal and mine.

a.) in b.) among c.) between d.) at





































































































100. C

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