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Bài tập trắc nghiệm Gerund và Infinitive có đáp án phần 1

Bạn đang quan tâm đến Bài tập trắc nghiệm Gerund và Infinitive có đáp án phần 1 phải không? Nào hãy cùng BNOK.VN đón xem bài viết này ngay sau đây nhé, vì nó vô cùng thú vị và hay đấy!

XEM VIDEO Bài tập trắc nghiệm Gerund và Infinitive có đáp án phần 1 tại đây.

Bài tập Gerund và Infinitive có đáp án

Nằm trong bộ đề Ôn tập Ngữ pháp tiếng Anh theo chuyên đề, Bài tập trắc nghiệm về to inf và v-ing có đáp án bao gồm 60 câu trắc nghiệm tiếng Anh khác nhau giúp các em học sinh ôn tập cấu trúc Danh động từ & Động từ nguyên thể hiệu quả.

Như các em đã biết, Gerunds (danh động từ) nói cho dễ hiểu và dễ nhớ như chính tên gọi của nó là động từ thêm “ing” để biến thành danh từ. Sau khi chuyển thành danh từ, Gerunds có thể được dùng làm chủ ngữ (Learning English is necessary), tân ngữ hoặc bổ ngữ (I like swimming) hoặc dùng sau đại từ sở hữu làm chức năng tân ngữ (Please forgive my coming late!). Dưới đây là bài tập so sánh Gerund và Infinitive phần 1. Mời các em tham khảo.

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Những động từ theo sau là V-ing và to V

Cấu trúc V-ing, to + verb mở đầu câu

Bài tập về “to V” và “Ving” có đáp án

Exercise 1:

1. My father usually helps me_______ English.

a. to learn b. lean c. learning d. both a and b

2. He was heard_______ shout.

a. to b. of c. by d. at

3. This student expected_______ the first winner of the Grand Prix.

a. be b. being c. to be d. will be

4. I told her_______ about her wedding; everything will straighten out.

a. Don’t worry b. not to worry c. no worry d. not worry

5. May I suggest you let_______

a. Mary doing so b. Mary do so c. Mary does to d. Mary to do so

6. She_______ him when he called her.

a. pretended not hear b. pretended she heard not

c. pretended not to hear d. did not pretend hear

7. The doctor advised_______ late.

a. me not staying up b. me not stay up c. me not to stay up d. I did not stay up

8. The school superintendent told me_______

a. hurrying up b. to hurry up c. hurry up d. hurried up

9. “_______us face the enemies”, shouted the soldiers.

a. Make b. Let c. Leave d. Keep

10. Mr. Brown told the schoolgirls_______ in class.

a. don’t ear b. not to eat c. eat not d. not eat

11. I have heard Dang Thai Son_______ the piano.

a. played b. plays c. play d. to play

12. The young teachers wanted a Foreign Language Teaching workshop _______ in Ho Chi Minh City.

a. to be holding b. should hold c. to be held d. to hold

13. _______able to take part in the international math contest two years from now, Son works very hard in his math lass.

a. In order to be b. Being c. Been d. So that he be

14. Try_______ so many mistakes.

a. not to make b. not make c. to make not d. make not

15. Let me_______ from you soon.

a. to hear b. hear c. hearing d. heard

16. John is too stupid_______ understand this.

a. to b. not to c. to not d. for

17. The wind is_______ to blow the roof off.

a. strong enough b. too strong c. quiet strong d. very strong

18. My father is _______ to stay up late.

a. too tired b. enough tired c. tired enough d. so tired

19. John wanted me_______ him.

a. to be helping b. help c. to help d. I help

20. I want_______ early tomorrow morning.

a. to leave b. leaving c. me leave d. me leaving


Exercise 2:

1. I hope_______

a. to see you there b. seeing you there c. you to see there d. see you there

2. I taught_______

a. how mending a shirt b. him how to mend a shirt

c. how mend a shirt d. him how mend a shirt

3. I told_______

a. Nam to come b. to come Nam c. to Nam come d. Nam come

4. My father has decided_______ a new house.

a. find b. to find c. finding d. him find

5. Mother warned_______ the electric plug

a. here not to touch b. her touching not c. her not touch d. not touch

6. Don’t tell Tan because I don’t want_______

a. him to know b. know c. him know d. knowing

7. She explained_______

a. how to make it b. me how to make it c. me to make it d. me make it

8. Miss Brown told Mary_______ down.

a. sit b. to sit c. sitting d. sat

9. She told Mary_______ up hope.

a. not give b. do not give c. not to give d. to give not

10. Michael Faraday wrote a litter to Sir Humphry Davy_______ for work.

a. asked b. to ask c. so to ask d. in order to asking

11. Do you know_______ to play that game now?

a. way b. what c. if d. how

12. She is very glad_______ see you again.

a. in b. with c. to d. for

13. He noticed two thieves_______ out of a shop.

a. to come b. are coming c. in coming d. come

14. When will he be allowed to go home? When will they_______?

a. let him go b. let to go c. leave him to go d. leave him

15. The guide encouraged the tourists_______ the Prado Museum Madrid

a. visit b. to visit c. visiting d. to visiting

16. Mow that were finished painting the house, there’s nothing left_______

a. done b. did c. to do d. for doing

17. The superintendent promised to tear down and_______ the fire damaged school building.

a. rebuild b. to rebuild c. rebuilding d. to rebuilding

18. The mechanic needs_______ a new muffler on your car.

a. to put b. putting c. to be put d. to putting

19. Our house needs_______

a. to paint b. to be painting c. to be paint d. painting

20. Do you want _______ by the doctor?

a. to examine b. to be examined c. being examined d. being to examine


Exercise 3. Choose the correct answer.

Question 1. He is expecting …………………….. a trip to Ha Long Bay.

A. make

B. to make

C. making

D. made

Question 2. Students stopped ……………………… noise when the teacher came in.

A. make

B. to make

C. making

D. made

Question 3. She couldn’t bear ………………. tears when she saw the film “ Romeo and Juliet”.

A. shed

B. to shed

C. shedding

D. sheds

Question 4. Ann likes ……………….. but she hates ………………… up.

A. cook/ washing

B. to cook/ wash

C. cooking/ washed

D. cooking/ washing

Question 5. I enjoy ………………. to classical music.

A. listening

B. to listen

C. listens

D. listen

Question 6. I really regret …………………. your feeling when I asked you such a silly question.

A. hurt

B. to hurt

C. hurting

D. hurts

Question 7. Would you mind ………………… me a newspaper?

A. buy

B. to buy

C. buying

D. bought

Question 8. Would you like ……………. the next dance with me?

A. to have

B. having

C. has

D. had

Question 9. Did you remember …………………….. Ann? – Oh, no. I completely forgot it.

A. phone

B. to phone

C. phoning

D. phoned

Question 10. Does the city government intend …………………… anything about pollution?

A. do

B. did

C. doing

D. to do

Question 11. Those shirts need ………………… but you needn’t ……………….. them now.

A. iron/ iron

B. to iron/ to iron

C. ironing/ iron

D. ironed/ to iron

Question 12. When you see Tom, remember ……………………….. him my regards.

A. give

B. to give

C. giving

D. given

Question 13. They postpone ……………………….. an Element School for the lack of finance.

A. built

B. to build

C. building

D. builds

Question 14. It’s no use …………………. him. He never allows anybody …………………. advice.

A. advise/ give

B. to advise/ to give

C. advising/ giving

D. advising/ to give

Question 15. Are his ideas worth ……………………. to?

A. listen

B. to listen

C. listening

D. listened

Question 16. He always avoids …………………… me in the streets.

A. meet

B. meeting

C. met

D. to meet

Question 17. Tom refuses …………………… his address.

A. give

B. gave

C. to give

D. giving

Question 18. The passengers asked her how ……………….to the police station?

A. to get

B. getting

C. got

D. get

Question 19. I dislike ………………… in line.- So do I. That’s why I prefer ……………….. at night when there are fewer people.

A. wait/ shop

B. to wait/ shopping

C. waiting/ shopping

D. waiting/ to shop

Question 20. My grandfather is used to ……………………… up early in the morning.

A. getting

B. to get

C. get

D. go

Đáp án

1 – B2 – C3 – C4 – D5 – A6 – C7 – C8 – A9 – B10 – D11 – C12 – B13 – C14 – D15 – C16 – B17 – C18 – A19 – C20 – C

Exercise 4. Give the correct form into the gerund or the infinitive.

1) It appears (be)______ raining.

2) We intend (go) ______ to the countryside this weekend.

3) I pretended (be) ______ sick so I didn’t have to go to work.

4) Can you imagine (live) ______ without TV?

5) They tolerate (smoke) ______ but they prefer people not to.

6) I anticipate (arrive) ______ on Tuesday.

7) A wedding involves (negotiate) ______ with everyone in the family.

8) He denies (steal) ______ the money.

9) He claims (be) ______ a millionaire but I don’t believe him.

10) I expect (be) ______ there about seven.

11) Julia reported (see) ______ the boys to the police.

12) It tends (rain) ______ a lot in Scotland.

13) Do you recall (meet) ______ her at the party last week?

14) She mentioned (go) ______ to the cinema, but I don’t know what she decided to do in the end.

15) The teenager refused (go) ______ on holiday with his parents.

16) I understand (be) ______ late once or twice, but every day is too much!

17) I would prefer you (come) ______ early if you can.

18) That criminal deserves (get) ______ a long sentence.

19) She completed (paint) ______ her flat.

20) We arranged (meet) ______ at four but at four thirty she still hadn’t arrived.

Đáp án

1 – to be; 2 – to go; 3 – to be; 4 – living; 5 – smoking;

6 – arriving; 7 – negotiating; 8 – stealing; 9 – to be; 10 – to be;

11 – seeing; 12 – to rain; 13 – meeting; 14 – going; 15 – to go;

16 – being; 17 – to come; 18 – to get; 19 – painting; 20 – to meet;

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