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Lý thuyết và bài tập Pharsal Verbs





wake up – stand up – look after – sit down – give up – ring up – get on

Bạn đang xem: Lý thuyết và bài tập Pharsal Verbs

I. Choose the correct phrasal verbs from the list above to complete these sentences.

1. The children get up at eight o’clock to have breakfast.
2. “ ……!” he said. ‘This is not the time for sleeping!’
3. After the crash, my legs hurt: it was very difficult to ……
4. “ ……in that chair, please,” said the doctor.
5. The bus was moving too fast and I couldn’t …… it.
6. Mr and Mrs Smith are going to …… the children for an hour.
7. I’m going to …… smoking tomorrow.
8. I’m going to …… the station and ask about the trains.

II. Read the dialogue and underline the phrasal verbs. Write each phrasal verb in the infinitive in your notebook.

A: Oh hello. Nice to see you again. Did you have a good holiday? I was planning to ring you up to ask you about it.
B: Yes, it was lovely. We had to set off really early because the plane took off at 6 a.m. But then we were on the beach in the sun by lunchtime.
A: Great! And what did you do most days?
B: Well, we usually slept in. It was very nice not having to get up early. And then we stayed up late at night, going out to discos and nightclubs. During the day, we usually lay on the beach or looked round the town.
A: And what about food?
B: Well, we didn’t usually have any breakfast. By the time we got downstairs at the hotel, they had cleared away all the breakfast things. We tried out different restaurants for lunch and most of them were very
good. The fish was particularly nice. And we usually stayed in for dinner at the hotel.
A: So what did you like best?
B: I liked everything – the beaches, the weather, the food, the night life, the people. I’d like to go back again next year so I’m saving up for it already. People book very early for that area so I must fix it up after the New
Year. If I carry on saving for a few months, I’ll have enough money.

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