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Choose the best answer: You go on ahead and then I’ll catch you. – het roi

Bạn đang quan tâm đến Choose the best answer: You go on ahead and then I’ll catch you. – het roi phải không? Nào hãy cùng BNOK.VN đón xem bài viết này ngay sau đây nhé, vì nó vô cùng thú vị và hay đấy!

XEM VIDEO Choose the best answer: You go on ahead and then I’ll catch you. – het roi tại đây.

1.1: Rewrite the sentence with used to where possible.

1. Claudia had a bicycle, but she sold it when her parents gave her a motorbike

Bạn đang xem: You go on ahead

2. My little brother hated vegetables. He always put them on my plate when I wasn’t looking!

3. Last week we stayed in a little hotel by the sea, where I stayed every year on family holidays

4. There was a sweet shop on the corner of the street. I remember we bought sweets on the way home from school every day

5. There weren’t many fast food restaurants in this town twenty years ago – now there are at least ten!

1.2: Tick the sentences that are correct. Cross the mistakes out and write the correct -ing or infinitive form of the verbs.

1. I love Florence, so I suggest to spend much more time there.

2. I apologise because I couldn’t avoid to miss the class.

3. I feel like stay at home today.

4. I just need your tent for two days’ camping and I promise taking care of it

5. The beach is next to the hotel and there are courses to learn doing water sports.

6. When are you planning eat tonight?

7. I want you listening to what I’m telling you

8. Don’t forget to lock the door when you go out.

9. The finally succeeded in escape from the room

10. We finally managed cheering Michael up

11. I want Lisa to telling me what’s wrong, but she won’t

12. I’m going to teach you to make necklaces.

13. Imagine earning that much money!

14. She advises her students making several things.

15. The fieldwork consisted of count the number of species in each section of

the shoreline

16. They chose to ignore my advice.

1.3: Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verb in brackets.

1. What are you planning(do) at the weekend?

2. I’m sorry I forgot(phone) you this morning. I was very busy.

3. He offered ………………….. (pay) the bill.

4. She didn’t want (wait) any longer, so she left

5. Mary suggested (have) a break, and the other agreed

6. How did you leam …………. (speak) Japanese so well?

7. We finally managed (find) my passport and then left for the airport

8. I look forward to …………………. (see) you when I come next week!

9. It was very kind of Jack to offer (baby-sit) this weekend

10. Quentin will do anything to avoid (walk) to school. He’s so lazy!

11. The bank has agreed… ………… (lend) me £5,000.

12. Remind me …………………. (phone) Alan before I go out!

13. She imagined herself…. (sit) in her favourite chair back home

14. He is trying to persuade local and foreign businesses (invest) in the project

15. The nurse advised Jane ……………….. (eat) more fruit.

1.4 Common verbs: do/make/go/have

1.4.1: Complete the sentences with the correct forms of make, do, have or go. Be careful that you use the correct tense.

1. We have to some homework every evening

2. I think I’ve ………………….. a terrible mistake.

3. Yesterday they the shopping and then they…

some coffee together

4. Could I ………….. a quick phone call, please?

5. Please don’t

….. so much noise!

6. It was a lovely surprise and it ……………. me very happy.

7. I……………….. a lot of fun on the Drama course last summer. I …………. so many friends

8. My teacher says I must work harder, but I can’t work any harder, I’m …………… my best.

9. I am sure you have the right choice

10. This man has ……………….. nothing wrong

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